Monitoring serological changes and immune status;
Preventing excessive immune.
Test antibody titer of dog and cat
1, only semi-quantitative test kit on sale;
2, using solid phase carrier to show ELISA results;
3, rapidly and easily;
4, providing suggestions for re-immunization;
5, detecting 3 type diseases at the same time;
6,independent test, no need to deliver to other labs.

Infectious hepatitis(ICH)
Canine parvovirus disease(CPV)
Canine distemper(CDV)

Main components: HCG 300units/bottle.
Appearance: white lyophilized lumps or powder.
Product effect: promote the ovulation of mature follicles, improve the effect of superovulation, increase the conception rate, treat follicular cysts and prevent habitual abortion.
Usage:  25-300units/dog, 25-50units/cat, im, 2-3 times in a row, interval of 1 day. Dissolve with special diluent before use.
Note: This solution is unstable and should be used up in a short time.
Specification: 300 units/bottle, with special diluent, 3 sets/box.
Storage: avoid light, 2-20 ℃.

Main components: artificial peptide hormone for facilitating uterine contraction; 10 units/ml.
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid.
Product effect: stimulate smooth muscle of uterine to contract, treat postpartum uterine inertia, the uterine bleeding caused by poor recovery, retained placenta and uterine prolapse.  
Usage:  5-10units/dog, 2-5units/cat, im or sc.
Note: Do not use for treatment of spawning, narrow pelvis open, abnormal fetal position and closed cervix. Follow the guidance of veterinarians.
Specification: 2ml/bottle x 6.
Storage: avoid light, 2-30 ℃.

Main component: LRH A3.
Appearance: white lyophilized lumps or powder.
Product effect: promote ovulation, increase conception rate and early embryo survival rate.
Usage: 5-15μg/dog, 4-8 hours before breeding, im.
Note: ① Use it right after it is ready; ② Large doses or long-term applications will cause out of phase effect.
Specification: 15μg/bottle, with special diluent, 3sets/box.
Storage: avoid light, sealed, keep in cold and dark place.
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