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The transfer factor(TF) in HITF is a purely natural ingredient extracted from animal kidneys. TF mainly consists of peptides, polynucleotides and double-helix RNA. TF is a new immune booster agent, which is released by T lymphocytes. It can specifically transfer cell immunity to animals short of cell immunity and can be removed by dialysis. TF can modulate the function of B lymphocytes by acting on T lymphocytes to improve humoral immunity of animals. TF can be used to treat the diseases which can not be managed by antibiotics and immune globin.

This product can kill 98-100 % fleas and ticks within 24 hours, and maintain the effect for 1-3 months. Raining or bathing can not weaken the effect, and the product is very safe for pets. Regularly spraying this product in home can remove all fleas and their eggs on the pets and in the environment. This product can help you prevent the transmission among pets, and keep clean living environment for pets, which can maintain pets' hair shiny , bright and bearing fresh and pleasant aroma.

This product is the first choice for treating skin diseases or mucous membrane inflammation caused by bacteria, fungi, mites, allergy and eczema. It is effective in treatment of scratches, bites, bites by scabies mites, eczema, ulcers, skin diseases caused by fungi and allergic itching. It is very convenient to spray on local skin, and it improves clinical signs very quickly.
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